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Tomorrow's Peacebuilders | Insight on Conflict


Are you a peacebuilder? Do you need some support to help you grow your impact and strengthen your organisation? If you meet our entry criteria, you can apply to win our annual ‘Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders’ competition.

Peace Direct believes that in every conflict there are local organisations doing remarkable work to prevent violence and build peace. And we should know – since 2004, we have sent over £2 million in funding to dozens of peacebuilding groups across Africa, Asia and Latin America, and we’ve mapped and profiled over 800 more on our website Insight on Conflict. Now, we are launching our second ‘Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders’ competition to find the best emerging peacebuilding organisations across the globe. Four winning entries will be selected by our expert peacebuilding jury. Each winning entry will receive:

  • $4,000 funding for peacebuilding activities
  • The opportunity to attend an international Peace Direct peacebuilder event or another peacebuilding exchange visit
  • Online promotion of their work.

The winners will be announced on Armistice Day, 11 November 2014.

We are pleased to announce that the best entry that uses technology in an innovative way as part of their peacebuilding may win a scholarship to attend the ‘Build Peace 2015’ conference. Technology related entries will be assessed by the ‘Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders’ jury and the team at Build Peace to assess the winner of this prize”

Acts of Peace


Hi everyone,

I’m starting this tumblr to catalog all the acts of peace I come across in the world. I’ve been getting more active with PeaceJam and other organizations, and it’s time to see some of this on my feed.

Please follow this blog if you want to see more peace.

My new tumblr.

Butterfly Railing — 2014

I just installed this railing last week in Florence, MA. Butterfly bushes grow on either side of the railing. When they reach railing height, the butterflies on the rail will sit among the branches of the bush.

Let me know what you think!

We Fight to Win: Inequality and the Politics of Youth Activism — Hava Rachel Gordon (2010)

"To fully understand young people’s social movements — how they arise, how they succeed, and why they fail — we must first confront age as a socially constructed category of difference and inequality rather than as a simple reflection of biology."

Facebook and Google seem very powerful, but they live about a week from total ruin all the time. They know the cost of leaving social networks individually is high, but en masse, becomes next to nothing. Windows could be replaced with something better written. The US government would fall to a general revolt in a matter of days. It wouldn’t take a total defection or a general revolt to change everything, because corporations and governments would rather bend to demands than die. These entities do everything they can get away with — but we’ve forgotten that we’re the ones that are letting them get away with things.

—Everything is Broken by Quinn Norton - (via m1k3y)

(via mostlysignssomeportents)

aquaman what happen to your legs

aquaman what happen to your legs

We’re doing it!

We’re doing it!

All in a day’s work :)

All in a day’s work :)

"Learning to Fly" is a sculpture I hung on Friday. It was a little rough for the first hang, but I think it got the idea across. I taught myself to needle-felt that morning to make the clouds! I made a video. Here ya go.